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If you are a home realtor, commercial realtor, foreclosure realtor, relocation realtor or a local realtor planning expansion, we designed our realtor software to be easy to use, secure and focus on the sale with color photos and details of property. Real estate agents can add, edit, delete and export their property listings and manage client contact information and offers. Property managers can view all records and securely create unlimited on line realtor accounts. If you are a mls realtor (MLS) you will find this feature very useful. Other advanced features include a quick detailed property listing with drop down fields for number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, air conditioning and heating systems. Distinguish your property from the others with a description of property highlights. Inform buyers on estimated taxes and showcase with up to (9) color photos. This complete Realtor software includes source code, 30 days support. Connect to MYSQL database.

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